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We can install a Golden Eagle Bike Engines drivering on any Superwheel.

Motorized Bicycle Wheels. Installing a gas engine or electric motor on a bicycle with standard wheels can quickly end in failure. 10G nickel-cadmium motorcycle spokes, special lace pattern, and high tension truing enables us to give our customers a "Lifetime Warranty." We call these "Superwheels", and have yet to see one come back broken or bent. 

How to Superwheel your bicycle:

You choose and purchase your hub and rim, and ship them to us for lacing. For help making your choices, or for more information, use the Contact page. We have been contacted several times by people who'd prefer to purchase Superwheel wheelsets rather than buy their own components, and in response we are exploring distributorships with Sturmey-Archer and Alex Rims. We will update this page with new details as they develop.