Spoke Wheels

& other services.

The Wheelmaster is your one-stop shop for THE

Strongest Spoke Wheel your money can buy, for:







Motorized Bicycles



Antique Cars & Trucks

Repair Car Wheels 

Repair Spokes on Motorcycle Wheels

Repair Spokes on Bicycle Wheels

Repair Worn Wheel Bearing Socket with Steel Sleeve

Remove Dents from Fork Sliders

Replace up to 5 Broken Spokes and True Wheel

Replace Rim

Replace Hub or Spokes (we are and EXCEL RIM Distributor)

Remove Dents in Rim

Remove Dents on Mag type Wheels (Car and Motorcycle)

Remove Wobble

Remove / Repair Cracks (Car and Motorcycle

Straighten Disc

Weld Hubs / Broken Hub Flanges

Straighten Forks and Triple Clamp

Straighten Motorcycle Axle

Straighten ATV and 3 Wheeler real Axels

Straighten ATV Front End

Straighten Swingarms / Weld Swingarms

Crank Shaft Repair - Single / Twin / Triples / 4 Cycle

Weld Crank Shaft

Head Repair / Cut Seats / Grind Valves / Replace Seal / Hand Lap

Replace Valve Guides / Machine Heads Flat

Change Combustion Chamber

Repair Broken Cylinder Studs

Repair Spark Plug Hole with Helicoil

Machine Watercraft Nozzle

Install Brass Bushing into Engine Case for Shift Shaft.